Our vision is to consistently exceed our client's expectations by delivering high-quality products that meet their unique needs.

To achieve our vision, we are constantly working to improve the value of our products. We invest heavily in research and development, constantly seeking new ways to improve product performance, reliability, and efficiency. We also prioritize feedback from our clients, using their insights to guide our product development efforts.


Our mission is to be a manufacturing company that our clients can rely on for exceptional products and services, while  simplifying their needs. We are determined to continuously enhance our products and processes to meet our clients' evolving needs, and to provide outstanding value and quality every step of the way.


Our values include trust, passion, service, commitment, respect, and integrity, which we take great pride in embodying.


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We are ISO Certified

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We have a dedicated customer service personnel

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Whatsapp: +52 868 367 3774

Office at USA

3505 Boca Chica Blvd Ste 100  

Brownsville, Texas   78521 United States

Manufacturing Plant

At Matamoros, Tamps

Carretera a Reynosa Km 1, Numero exterior 200, Bodega 31, Zona Industrial, Matamoros, Tamaulipas, 87316